Corona-protection measures on our MS Primadonna

All details are given in our extended hygiene guidelines, which are based on the statutory and locally applicable requirements and guidelines - this is currently being revised and will be available to you soon.

You will receive important advance information about the current COVID-19 protective measures on board with the travel documents.

Antigen rapid test or vaccination at start of your journey

Before boarding, a antigen rapid test (not older than 48 hours) or vaccination (minimum 2 weeks before your cruise starts) is going to be done.

All employees on board will be tested twice a week or have already received a vaccination ( = 22 of 47 employees).

Furthermore, a statement under oath with reference to your personal health and any personal contacts with persons at risk must be made upon arrival. In the middle of the cruise another rapid test will be provided on board free of charge. If this test is positive, you agree to disembark. The return journey to the starting point of the cruise will be organized by us.

Self-tests with a digital solution (24-hour tests) are NOT recognized by us.

All these precautions are no longer applicable if you can show a vaccination certificate for 2 partial vaccinations, which was carried out at least 2 weeks before the start of the trip.

Aerosols/fresh air supply

On the whole ship - including in all cabins (also crew cabins) - the air conditioning and air supply work exclusively with fresh air; this means that no air is filtered or exchanged - only fresh air is supplied from outside. The distribution of aerosols is therefore impossible.

Perfected hygiene precautions

Each cabin is completely disinfected after each voyage, including a specially purchased suction device for the mattresses and room disinfection with Saniswiss Sanitizer. Room disinfection is the final cleaning step in each cabin.

Our guests will find disinfection & hygiene dispensers at all important points - at the entrances to the ship, the bar and the restaurant. The disinfection of all public areas including toilets, door buckles, railings and tables is carried out several times a day.

All beverage menus are coated with a special varnish against bacteria and viruses.

The disinfection of the bicycle handles on bike cruises is carried out daily.

The crew cabins are also disinfected after the start of each cruise in the same way as the customer cabins.

Masks (FFP2) are also available in the on-board shop at cost price.

Trained & tested employees

All crew members in contact with guests wear a face mask. At the beginning of the season, the employees were trained in CoVID19 prevention and hygiene measures.

All employees have undergone a medical check-up and are only allowed to board after a negative CoVID19 test result. All employees on board will be tested twice a week. Two medical offices from our crew check the compliance with the measures on board during daily operations.


We offer 2 sittings at all meals to comply with the minimum distances; when checking in, please select the starting time depending on the day's program - for example 6:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.

If you are traveling with friends/acquaintances, up to 4 guests can be seated per table (depends on availability). Breakfast is offered in buffet form with a one-way system. When entering the buffet area, mouth and nose protection (FFP2 mask) must be worn and hands must be disinfected.

Land excursions

You will receive a list of partner organizations (cafes/restaurants/museums, etc.) that offer a high level of Corona safety precautions.

Keep distance and wear a mask

Please keep a minimum distance of 2 meters between you and all other passengers.

If the minimum distance of 2 meters can not be held, wearing a FFP2 face mask is mandatory and statutory. While moving through the ship, wearing a FFP2 face mask is mandatory (also available on board).

Children up to the age of 6 are excluded.

On-board theater/hairdresser/spa

All performing artists come from the respective region through which the ship passes. These artists will be tested by us before boarding. Customers should register their participation in an event in the on-board theater up to 1 hour before the start of the event at the reception (24/7 service) and receive appropriate seats.

Beard shaves, health massages and hydrojet applications are only carried out individually (guest after guest, one after the other). A separate registration system at the reception enables all guests to plan their spa visit in advance, taking into account the minimum distance.

We limit the number of visitors in the indoor whirlpool area and sauna. It is necessary to make an appointment at the reception.


Status June 2021, subject to change, especially in case of changes in official regulations.