Bike cruise Passau - Belgrade - Vienna

Travel through 3 national parks into the great expanse of Hungary and Wojwodina at the most beautifal tracks of the "Europe bike trail nr. 6 and further into the "white city" Belgrade. From the castle, you can have a great view to the Save-estuary. Many natural beauties are on the 95 % car-free bike path. For your daily routes, you get GPS-data and detailed route descriptions with tour maps.

7 x nights


D, A, SK, H

Train ride on request

from € 598.- / 7 x nights with full board, several city tours and much more


Thursday, May 30th till Thursday, June 6th 2019

Thursday, October 3rd till Thursday, October 10th 2019 (not available)


30th May: promenadendeck on request available, upperdeck and maindeck-astern not avaiable, maindeck available

GPS-data available for all routes

Day 1, Passau (20 km)
Thursday -
Individual arrival to Passau and distribution of rental bikes. Start cycling at the Inn-bike path near Neuburg/Wernstein (20 km). Overnight in a 3***hotel.

Day 2, Schlögen - Linz (56 km)
Friday -
Luggage service and bike tour from the hotel to the ship. Embarkation and lunch on board. By bike through the Schlögen loop to Linz.

Day 3, Bratislava (33/48 km)
Saturday -
Through the national park Marchmündung to the castle Schloss Hof of Maria Theresia. Active cyclists via Hainburg and Wolfsthal back to Bratislava.

Day 4, Budapest - Mohács (18/48 km)
Sunday - Individual city tour by bike incl. Margarete's island. Active cyclists go to Szentendre and back. Border control at the EU-border to Serbia.

Day 5, Belgrade - Novi Sad (29 km)
Bike tour to the Save isle; further on to the castle Kalemegdan. Transfer by bus (approx. 75 min.) to the ship in Novi Sad.

Day 6, Mohács (45 km)
Border control and bike tour through the outlayers of the Duna-Dráva Nemzeti park.

Day 7, Stúrovo - Komárno (56 km)
Wednesday -
Shipping through ther romantic "Danube knee". Along the Danube bike path via Moca to Komárno.

Day 8, Vienna
Disembarkation and transfer by bus to the Donau Touristik parking space in Passau (arrival at approx. 1.30 pm). Take your own bikes along with you for free. Individual departure.

In the map you will find the route of the cruise.

2-bed cabin main deck ASTERN € 598.-
2-bed cabin main deck € 748.-
2-bed cabin upperdeck
€ 1,026.-
2-bed cabin promenade deck€ 1,076.-


    • Bike cruise Passau - Belgrade - Vienna incl. port fees
    • 1 x night with half board in a 3***hotel in Passau
    • 6 x nights with full board in booked double bed room
    • one partial-body massage (à 20 min.) and one hydrojet massage (à 15 min.) per main deck cabin
    • daily personal route information for the following cycling day
    • detailed route description with bike maps & GPS-data
    • transfer by bus Belgrade - Novi Sad (75 min.)
    • Private parking place in Passau
    • Transfer by bus from Vienna to Passau from the ship to the parked car in Passau.
      It is possible to take your own bicycle (free-of-charge). This is at your own risk – we can assume no liability for possible damages on privately owned bicycles for the entirety of the cruise.
    surcharges for single cabin usage in % on the base price

    main deck ASTERN

    + 25% surcharge

    main deck+ 50% surcharge
    upper- & promenade deck+ 75% surcharge
    SurchargePrice p.P.
    bike with double-sided saddlebag € 68.-
    Top qualitiy E-Bike (Kalkhoff or KTM)€ 150.-
    Beverage package (non-alcoholic beverages, coffee/tea, sparkling wine, open wines, beer)€ 144.-

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