Danube cruise Black Sea: Vienna - Sulina - Vienna

The direct streetway from Vienna to Moskow is the same lenght as the ship cruise from Vienna to the Black Sea! - A real ship-passage is awaiting you with foreign cultures, world sights, land areas, cities and sights. Entertainment evenings let you meet native artists incl. interviews of their way of life on board.

13 x nights

10 entertainment evenings


Arrival and departure by train bookable

from € 1.549,- / 13 x nights in 2-bed cabin astern, full board, entertainment evenings and much more

Dates 2020

Friday, May 29th to Thursday, June 11th

Thursday, June 11th to Wednesday, June 24rd


29th May: Promenadendeck not available

11th June: main deck available

Please send your booking per e-mail.

Day 1, Vienna
Boarding at 3 pm. Departure to Budapest at 4 pm. Welcome evening in the board theatre.

Day 2, Budapest
In the magyar's metropolis you can see all sights from the river. Optional: In the morning sightseeing tour (3 h) by bus or individual visit of the city. 2 pm departure and late lunch on board. At approx. 10.30 pm there are border control in Mohács.

Day 3, Novi Sad
Arrival in the early afternoon. Guided city walk through the second largest city of Serbia (253,000 inhabitants). You can see a picturesque main square with town hall, some palaces, the impressing cathedral as well as the castle Peterwardein with a great roundview (included). Departure at 9.30 h.

Day 4, Orsova & Turnu Severin
In the morning shipping through the 150 km long, rocky valley, of the approx 60 m deep Danube at this point (Breakthrought through the Karpates); Optional: After the lunch from Orsova by bus to the sightseeing tour to Turnu Severin. Arrival of the ship in Turnu Severin at 5 pm.

Day 5, Turnu Măgurele/Bukarest
Arrival at approx 10.30 am; Optional: Visit of the magnificent cathedral of Turnu Magurele and further on by bus into the capital city Bukarest (135 km); Sightseeing tour Bukarest and individual visit. By bus at approx. 5.30 pm from Bukarest to Giuriu (62 km); Embarkation to the ship; Departure at 7 pm in Giurgiu.

Day 6, Tulcea
Arrival at approx 5 pm in Tulcea, the main city of the Danube delta with an oriental flair. Optional: Guided city tour to the historical centre with cathedral, market place and mosques.

Day 7, Donaudelta - Sulina
Optional: In the morning you explore the Danube delta with its fauna and flora with small boats; great explanations. At 12 departure by ship to Sulina. Individual tour to the Danube-kilometre ZERO. 2.3 km by taxi, by rental bike or by foot to the beach of the Black Sea. Departure in Sulina at 7.30 pm.

Day 8, Silistra
5 pm - Arrival in the provinvial capital city (40,000 inhabitants), the former Roman Durostorum; 969 already the first important castle of Bulgaria! Optional: Sightseeing tour to the centre with 5 moques, cahtedral Peter and Paul and visit of a Bulgarian estate. 10 pm departure.

Day 9, Russe
7 am arrival in the economical capital city of Northern Bulgaria (148,000 inhabitants) with opera house, St. Peters and Holy Trinity church as well as some orthodox worship places. Optional: Sightseeing tour; Departure of the MS Primadonna at 2 pm.

Day 10, Vidin
7.30 am arrival in the old Bulgarian capital city, the thrakian Dunonia (3rd century BC), picturesque at the outlayers of the Carpates and to the Danube. First settlements 5000 BC during the copper-time, these days 48,000 inhabitants, 2 big mausoleums, great medieval castle Baba Wida; Second largest cathedral of Bulgaria (holy Dimitar); Optional: Guided city walk; Departure at 12.30 pm.

Day 11, Belgrade
The Serbian capital city is located in the Save-estuary. Optional: Sightseeing tour including castle Kalemegdan and the great old city with cathedrals and mosques. Departure from the illuminated city at 7.30 pm.

Day 12, Mohács Kalocsa
Entry in the Schengen-area. Arrival in Mohács at approx. 1.30 pm. (departure at approx 4 pm). Optional: Bus transfer into the capital city of the Puszta (cathedral, bishop's palace) to Kalocsa, a typical Hungarian city. At approx. 7 pm embarkation to the ship. "Cast off" at 8 pm.

Day 13, Esztergom-Štúrovo
Arrival in the cathedral city at 1 pm, visit of the picturesque cathedral with the biggest altar-picture of the world; Third largest dome of Europe. Optional: Guided cathedral tour (1 h). Departure at 3.30 pm.

Day 14, Vienna
Arrival at approx 8 am, disembarkation and individual journey home.

For all shore leaves, you get GPS-data for bike roundtours of 15 to 40 km for physical training and for visits. Please advise with booking!


# Timetable and program changes due to local conditions (eg flood, low water, bad weather etc.) on the order of the 1st captain.

# Entry requirements: There are no special visa formalities for EU Danube travelers for EU citizens. Your passport must still be valid after your trip. There are different provisions (and costs) for citizens of other countries; please inform yourself in advance in advance.

Each participant is personally responsible for the fact that the name has been indicated correctly at the time of booking according to the passport. Children need their own passport.

In the map you will find the route of the cruise.

CabintypePrice p.p.
2-Bed cabin main deck ASTERN*€ 1.549,-
2-Bed cabin main deck€ 1.699,-
2-Bed cabin in the quiet center part€ 1.799,-
2-Bed cabin upper deck€ 2.655,-
2-Bed cabin promenade deck€ 2.765,-
*Surcharge for single cabin+ € 150,-

Prices for booking via our online form. By telephone or written booking surcharge € 10, - per person on all prices.


  • Cruise Vienna-Sulina-Vienna including all harbor fees
  • 13 x overnight stay with full board (with extensive breakfast buffet, 3-course lunch, coffee / tea and cake in the afternoon, 4-course evening menu, midnight snack) in the booked cabin category.
  • 1 x partly body massage (20 min.) or 1 x hydrojet-massage (15 min.)
  • 10 x entertainment evenings in the on-board theatre (Folklore from the Danube cities, wine tasting, talkshows, etc.)
surcharges for single cabin usage in % on the base price
main deck ASTERN+ 0% surcharge depending on availablity
main deck+ 50% surcharge
upper & promenade deck+ 75% surcharge

Excursion package Silver € 88,-*

  • Guided city walk Novi Sad including castle Peterwardein
  • Guided city walk Tulcea
  • Sightseeing tour Silistra including a Bulgarian estate
  • Guided cathedral visit Esztergom

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