Danube cruise Black Sea: Vienna - Sulina - Vienna

In its lower section the Danube is at least 1,430 m wide (Galaţi/Romania), in the floodplain areas even about 2.5 km! Bridges are rare here; the new building at Brăila is 1,900 m long. - The great diversity of 5,200 catalogued animal and plant species in the 4,200 km² nature reserve of the Danube Delta is explained by the meeting of Central European forests with a Mediterranean-dominated region. Nevertheless, the Nibelungen stream does not only have this superlative: with ten states it flows through more countries than any other river on earth!

13 x nights

11 entertainment evenings


Arrival and departure by train bookable

from € 1.499,- / 13 x nights in 2-bed cabin astern, full board, entertainment evenings and much more

Dates 2021

Sunday, June 6th

Saturday, June 19th

Friday, July 2nd

€ 20,- early bird discount pp for bookings till 15th March 2021

1st day, Individual Arrival (A)
to Vienna-Nussdorf. Embarkation at 3:30 pm „Cast off“ at 4 pm.

2nd day, Budapest (HU)
In the morning we reach Budapest. City tour and individual visit. Late lunch at departure at 2 pm. In the late evening arrival in Mohacs and border control (=EU Schengen area).

3rd day, Novi Sad (SRB)
Arrival at noon. City tour through the second-largest city of Serbia. You will see a magnificent main square with town hall, some palaces, an impressing cathedral as well as the castle Peterwardein with a marvellous view. Cast off during dinner. Traditional folklore-evening in the board theatre.

4th day, Turnu Severin (RO)
In the morning ride through the more than 150 km long, rocky valley of the Danube, which is approx. 60 m deep (breakthrough through the Carpathians). From Orsova with a short tour – by bus to the city tour to Turnu Severin (opera, water tower, pedestrian zone, old city, picturesque area). Time for individual visit. Embarkation to the ship in Turnu Severin until 6 pm. Talk show “Life in Romania today” in the board theatre.

5th day, Turnu Magurele, Bucharest (RO)
Visit of the magnificent cathedral of Turnu Magurele and further on by bus in the capital city Bucharest (135 km). City tour Bucharest including individual visit. Approx. 5:30 pm from Bucharest to Giurgiu (62 km) and embarkation to the ship.

6th day, Tulcea (RO)
Arrival in the capital city of the Danube delta. City tour (sightseeing of the historical centre and one of the magnificent churches). Romanian folklore evening in the board theatre.

7th day, Danube delta -  Sulina (RO)
In the morning you explore the marvellous fauna and flora of the Danube delta with small boats; expert explanations (3 hours). Departure to the river kilometre ZERO, walk to the historical lighthouse at the Black Sea. 2.3 km by taxi or by bike to the beach of the Black Sea. Departure at 8 pm.

8th day, Brăila (RO)
Individual Sightseeing of the deep-sea port city on the Danube with a magnificent old town. Optionally: City-Walk to the old town with the orthodox churches Mihail and Gavril, which is under monumental protection.

9th day, Russe (BUL)
Arrival in the economic metropole of Norther Bulgaria with opera, Peters-church and holy-trinity-church as well as a few orthodox temples. City tour. In the evening talk show “Life in Bulgaria today” in the board theatre.

10th day, Vidin (BUL)
Bus ride into the old Bulgarian capital city, the Thracian Dunonia, picturesque at the outlets of the Carpathes to the Danube. First settlements 5000 BC. in the copper age, 2 pompous mausoleums. Great medieval castle baba Vida, second largest cathedral of Bulgaria (holy Dimitar). Departure in the early afternoon.

11th day, Belgrade (SRB)
In the early morning way through the “Iron gate”. Arrival in the Serbian capital city.
City tour inclusive castle Kalemegdan with a marvellous view to the Save-estuary, also worth visiting the pedestrian zone with many cathedrals and mosques.

12th day, Mohács und Kalocsa (HU)
Entrance into the Schengen-area. Further on to Baja. Bus transfer to the capital city of the Puszta (95 km) (cathedral, bishops-palace). Embarkation to the ship in Kalocsa. Concert “Wonder of voices” in the board theatre.

13th day, Esztergom (HU)/Stúrovo (SK)
Visitation of the picturesque cathedral at the hill with biggest altar painting of the world; third-biggest dome of Europe.

14th day, Vienna (A)
Arrival in Vienna-Nussdorf. Disembarkation until 9:30 am.

In the map you will find the route of the cruise.

 Price per person

2-Bed cabin main deck ASTERN€ 1,499.-
2-Bed cabin main deck€ 1,649.-
2-Bed cabin upperdeck€ 2,575.-
2-Bed cabin promenade deck€ 2,685.-


  • Cruise Vienna - Danube Delta - Vienna including all port fees
  • 13 x nights with full board in the booked double cabin
  • One partial-body massage and one hydrojet massage (à 15 minutes) as well a traditional beard shave per cabin (appointment after registration on board)
  • 11 entertainment evenings with folklore of the Danube countries, classical music, talk shows, wine tasting and much more
  • Following land excursions:
    • City-Walk Novi Sad inclusive castle
    • City-Walk Tulcea
    • City-Walk Vidin
    • cathedral in Esztergom

Excursion Package + € 188,-

  • City-Tour Budapest (3 hours)
  • City-Walk Turnu Severin
  • Transfer, City-Tour and indiv. Sightseeing  Bucharest
  • Boat tour Danube Delta (3 hours)
  • City-Tour Brăila (2 hours)
  • City-Tour with National opera Russe (4 hours)
  • City-Walk Vidin with castle Baba Vida (4 hours)
  • City-Tour Belgrade with castle Kalemegdan (3 hours)
  • Transfer to Kalocsa and cathedral tour (1 hour)

All excursions can be booked on board – depending on availability, for example Sightseeing Tour Budapest € 40,-per Person

30 Beverage-Voucher + € 109,-

(non-alcoholic beverages, coffee/tea, sparkling wine, open wines, beer)

surcharges for single cabin usage in % on the base price
main deck ASTERN+ € 150,-
main deck+ 50% surcharge
upper- & promenade deck+ 75% surcharge


Discount for 3rd/4th person:

  • up to 6 years 100 %
  • up to 12 years 50 %
  • 2 children in separate neighbour cabin 25% discounted

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