MS Primadonna


"The only true river catamaran in the world carries the Austrian flag and impresses with an exclusive design with ample space. With a width of more than 17 meters, the only Danube-catamaran (Double hull-Ship) is far ahead of other river cruise ships in terms of generosity and spatial effect. No narrowness in the aisles, great spatial effect in the lounge – from the restaurant to the bar. Accordingly, all standards of the ‘Alpine Republic’ apply from the quality of the drinking water to the employment contracts of the employees (with 5-day week, etc.) without restrictions. Annually controls by the authorities."


Every Primadonna has her quirks; the MS PRIMADONNA has an on-board theatre, the Primo Teatro for 164 guests, a glass floor in reception, which gives an open view to the world underwater, really unique Danube arena, with its 9 m high glass wall and an unlimited view of the river landscape, as well as the 60 m long atrium Prima Vista (in the hotel lobby). The panorama bar Primavera and panorama restaurant Primo Gusto, a sun deck and free decks in the restaurant complete the offer, as on other cruise liners.

Technical Information
Capacity passengers 198
Number of cabins 82
Crewmembers 52-55
Length 113,5 m
Width 17,4 m
Draught 1,7 m
Height above water 8,2 m
Speed 14 knots
Size cabins 9,5/11,5/16,5 m²
Number of decks 4